Plug & Go – The Live Stream Advantage

The Live Stream platform can stream any IP camera video across the internet. Simply plug your cam into the Live Stream platform and all the hard work is done for you, resulting in a smooth 25 frames per second video stream accessible from any web browser globally 24 hours a day. Live Stream also provides a simple web-based management dashboard to monitor and control your streams in real-time.

Many companies are already using the powerful, yet simple Live Stream service to do things like; improve operational efficiencies in fields such as water monitoring, construction, wild-life management, council facilities monitoring, emergency disaster management, public spaces monitoring and much more. Others are using Live Stream to broadcast live CCTV video to the public.

What will you broadcast?

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Online Dashboard

The Live Stream offers a simple dashboard packed with loads of powerful tools to easily view & manage your webcams. The dashboard is provided within our Envirocoms platform providing users the power to also display other relevant data and information together with their webcam stream.

Live Stream Administration Dashboard example with Stream Player pop-up

One dashboard is all you need

  • Overview of all camera & network uptime

  • Watch & stream cameras live

  • Trouble shoot outages

  • Quick view of all networking points

  • Reboot cameras

  • Individual camera & network information

  • Ping network connections

Live On Any Device, Anywhere

Live Stream makes it easy to publish your stream for playback on any device mobile, desktop or smart tv.


  • Play your stream across unlimited websites

  • World-class cutting edge web player included with the service

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile device compatible streaming formats

  • Emendable player or direct stream to the device

Restricted private streaming

  • Option to keep streams private

  • View streams live from within the dashboard

  • Publish to a private website using the embeddable video player

Live Stream 3 Crowns Technologies St Kilda Marina Reserve webcam

Image: Port Phillip Council use Live Stream to broadcast the CCTV footage from St Kilda Marina Reserve. 

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